August 09, 2019 2 min read

Alcohol, how detrimental is it to our goals?


Many of us enjoy the occasional drink, and there are ways and means to allow this in your lifestyle without hindering progress when it comes to your health & physique goals.


Lowered inhibitions-We have all had nights out where we’ve embarrassed ourselves whilst drinking too much alcohol, this may have involved falling over, taking your clothes off or kissing that person you’d normally not be attracted to. It’s common knowledge that alcohol lowers inhibitions and leads to some questionable decision making on your behalf. If all this is possible then there’s no reason that you may be more than tempted to chow down on the chips at the party where normally you would stick to the more nutritious options.


Plan your food intake a little a day or 2 prior-Take into consideration the amount you may drink in the evening and cut back elsewhere. This might mean a reduction in calories that day or over the week. Personally, I like to eat light during the day focusing on eating lots of nutrient-dense vegetables with lean protein and reducing consumption of carbohydrates or fat or a combination of the two depending on how much I am likely to drink in the evening.


Enjoy the company-Remember alcohol is socially cleansing, it certainly helps me relax more and I have built some great relationships under the influence! Put your phone away, be present and enjoy the company, life is too short to not be a social butterfly.


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