June 21, 2019 2 min read

? If you have an office based job which involves you sitting down for the best part of the day, then you may experience some discomfort and postural issues, having trained thousands of people, I witness these ailments time and time again.


How do you combat back pain, bad posture, joint pain etc and also are you listening to your bodies signals or just putting up with it? Below is some info on what steps to take to elminate this pain and get your overall wellness improved drastically.


Having trained thousands of people, also having experienced back pain etc myself, I am fully aware of the steps you should take to nullify these problems and in turn, improve your overall well being. Lots of people are experiencing detrimental health issues due to lack of movement and poor muscle fibre recruitment patterns as a result of sitting down to much and not addressing these issues by focusing on mobility & strength. The question is, do you contact a physio, sports massage therapist, chiropractor or personal trainer to help you improve these issues? The answer is, it completely depends on what level your imbalances have reached. If you are experiencing low back pain then this could be related to tight hips, a twisted pelvis or just poor posture in general. My advice is for you to find a good personal trainer like myself if you are just getting muscular pain, (not chronic joint pain etc) I would then assess your movement patterns and prescribe you specific mobility drills and a strength training program to strengthen your weak postural muscles. If you can’t find yourself a highly experienced personal trainer who is well versed at correctional training, then you should contact a good physiotherapist and they will give you tailor made routines to improve the issues.

Check out this awesome podcast where I interview Tim Wright owner of the Wright Physio in Sydney, Tim is an expert in the field of physiotherapy and human movement.




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