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Three reasons why lifting weights is much more beneficial when it comes to fat burning and overall wellness


Supercharge Your Metabolism- When you lift weights PROPERLY you are applying an external stress to your muscles which makes your body respond by building muscle in order to protect you from the damage. Remember that 1 pound of muscle tissue will make your metabolism burn an extra 30-50 calories, in other words building muscle will elevate your resting metabolic rate, (RMR) Cardio training means you burn calories manually at the time of training but lifting weights means you will automatically burn more for up to 72 hours after your session.

Strength and Longevity- Building strength is the foundation for anything you do life, we need strength to perform day to day tasks but also strength training will for your body to produce more calcium which will improve your bone density making you at much less risk of ailments such as osteoporosis. (Brittle bone disease)

Cardio is not good long term- Constantly performing cardiovascular exercises such as running or any strenuous cardio activities will slow your metabolism down long term which will actually lead to weight gain and increased body fat. Cardio is great for your fitness but if you focus on low intensity cardio such as walking, and reserve your energy for intense weight training you will build a healthy metabolism long term. 


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