April 19, 2019 1 min read


A few bullet points as to why you should stop doing the exercise you hate and do more of the stuff you enjoy

  • Exercise shouldn’t be a chore:So if you look at ‘working out’ as a chore and you really don’t enjoy it then you are doing it wrong, don’t get me wrong it should still be tough at times but based on my experience having coached thousands of people, you will not sustain it and get good enough results going forward if you despise it.
  • Do exercise that you enjoy:If you enjoy lifting weights like myself then do it as often as possible, lifting weights and building strength/muscle is going to be the most beneficial thing you can do for overall health if done correctly, however if you enjoy walking outdoors, running or playing sports then do them as often as possible because regular exercise is essential to maintain for a lifetime.

The ‘why’ is important:If you are struggling to maintain your motivation with regular exercise/activity then you need to ask yourself ‘why’ you are doing it. This may sound a little ‘out there’ but The "WHY" is the most important piece in any aspect of life. Ask yourself 5 reasons ‘why’ and the ‘how’ will work itself out trust me on this.

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