August 02, 2019 1 min read

My top 3 tips for building an admirable set of arms.


  1. Pull-ups-Have you ever seen a male gymnast with skinny biceps? Hell no and do you think they do bicep curls regular? Unlikely, they do lots of workout on Olympic rings, primarily pull-ups. Pull-ups are one of the best exercises for building your biceps and back muscles of course. If you don’t do pull-ups regular then make a start, begin with using bands or an assisted machine to assist you.
  2. Isolate your biceps and triceps-You do need to dedicate time into actually training your arms, if you are finding it hard to build your arm muscles, I would recommend throwing in 1 exercise for your biceps and 1 for your triceps on top of your normal session. Then if you can devote a whole session the just training arms, you are guaranteed gains.
  3. Technique-Like anything you do in the gym, be sure to hone in on your technique, focus on connecting to the muscles you are actually working, this is paramount for maximum results. For example on a bicep curl, keep your shoulders back and squeeze your bicep hard when you perform the rep, same goes for triceps.


Check out my killerArm workout, give it a go for one hell of a bicep pump!


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