June 28, 2018 2 min read


1. Do Not Buy Processed, Junk Food To Store In Your Kitchen: This is for me the most important point when it comes to binge eating, if you buy any rubbish food and it is available in your house to eat then the chances are you will eat it. Highly Palatable foods such as biscuits, cakes, chocolate, sweets, crisps etc have been engineered for us to binge on them. Do not buy anything other than whole foods to keep in your house to prevent a binge eating episode.

2. Do Not Eat In Front Of The TV: We all associate eating with sitting in front of the TV and enjoying some entertainment, the same goes for the cinema and popcorn etc. I avoid eating in front of the TV because personally this can trigger off a binge for me, the same goes for clients I coach, eat your food at the table with loved ones to avoid emotional eating.

3. Recognise That You Have The Binge Eating Disorder- 50% of eating disorders come under the binge eating disorder. It is much more common than you think (I have it) so you need to be self aware enough when you do binge and lose control. I have pinpointed that most processed foods can trigger of a binge, (trigger foods) recognising these foods and avoiding them will reduce the risk of you slipping up.

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