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Three ways to overcome the psychological warfare of experienced with internal negative body image issues


Comparison is the thief of joy – we all deal with body image issues, whether you are self-aware of it or not. We live in an era where there is more pressure on us than ever, to look good. The evolution of social media has driven us to compare ourselves against the airbrushed images that are splashed all over our news feed. Download the app “moment”, because it will monitor how much time you spend scrolling through social media. The average person spends an average of 2.5hrs a day on social media. 

Love yourself – as a personal trainer and an online coach, at least 80% of people who hire me, do so because they are unhappy with certain parts of their body. You need to ask yourself, the reason “why” you want to look good. This should be because you love taking care of yourself, and not because you are insecure about your body.  

Insecurities –However, a lot of us are insecure about the way we look in the mirror. I can relate to this because I have built my career based on fitness modelling, fitness competitions and therefore, I am constantly being critiqued for how I look, as opposed to who I am. This is an extreme example, however, nowadays, I see this as being evident in social comparisons, primarily via social media. Take note of the people you surround yourself with, and even who you follow on social media.  


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