June 28, 2019 1 min read

Read below for some compelling facts on the science behind weight fluctuations.


This has been a hotly discussed topic in the fitness industry for a while now and one that seems to be never-ending, alongside most points of concern such as diet, training protocols and nutrition a one size fits all attitude shouldn’t be taken when it comes to weighing yourself regularly. 
Now if you’re anything like me and your fitness journey has led to anxiety/depression in the past surrounding body image, weight fluctuation and eating disorders then weighing yourself daily may be another unhealthy trigger and lead to psychological implications and unhealthy obsessions.

However, others find weighing daily helps with keeping you liable to making better choices with food intake, portions and creating healthier or lower calorie options. If you are considering doing this then consider that weight loss/weight gain on the scales will not always be linear and will not display or take into account other contributing factors that may fluctuate your weight such as muscle mass, fat mass, water retention, increased sodium intake, sleep, stress levels etc. 

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