March 22, 2019 2 min read

 Three top tips on making health/fitness a lifestyle instead of a punish


Love Yourself- Now before you roll your eyes at me, it is very important to love taking care of yourself. You should be going to the gym because you love yourself and not because you hate certain parts of your body. Now you may well hate certain parts of your body but do not use this as motivation because you will never be satisfied if you focus too much on how you look instead of how you feel. 

Do Exercise That You Enjoy- Health & Fitness should be fun, therefore do exercise that you actually enjoy instead of doing the things you hate to do. To keep fitness sustainable you need to be having fun when you are training ie if you enjoy playing tennis then do this for exercise, if you enjoy running then do that, the bottom line is any form of exercise will have its benefits so take action and enjoy the ride.

Exercise First Thing In The Morning- If you train first thing in the morning before work then this will set you up for the day. If you are thinking well I hate mornings and I can’t get up, try it and I am certain once you get into the habit you will never look back. It is much easier to make excuses when you have been working all day.


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