June 28, 2019 1 min read

NEAT-non-exercise activity thermogenesis, explained below to help you understand the science behind calorie expenditure.


Neat used to be a term thrown around as being tidy, slick, sleek or well kept but is now more popular in the Fitness Industry known as “non-exercise activity thermogenesis.” In laments terms, it’s physical activity that is performed daily that is not formal exercise. This may include housework, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and even fidgeting. 
If you are some form of performance athlete and training for a specific purpose and require planned cardiovascular exercise to improve performance, then it makes sense to add this into your training regimen. However Neat may be superior for the average gym goer as it is far easier to manage and slip into your current lifestyle. It also increases productivity with tasks or chores that would usually seem menial are not only improving your lifestyle but helping you to become more active and burn body fat in the process. 
Scheduled cardiovascular activity can be used as a tool when you hit a plateau to help you lean out but be aware doing too much at the gym can leave you exhausted meaning you move less throughout the day and productivity levels decrease. The more you make neat a part of your lifestyle the more likely you will adhere to this in the long term, it is less taxing on the body and you will maximize gains. It can only be a bonus

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