February 15, 2019 1 min read

5 helpful methods to help you take care of your mental health


Nourish your gut- We have always thought that the brain drives the gut but it is actually the other way around, the gut drives the brain. 90-95% of the serotonin (The feel good hormone) in our body is produced in the gut so focus on eating healthy Wholefoods for the most part. 

Community- You need to make sure you are surrounded by the right people and that you have healthy relationships with your family and friends. Make an effort to interact with the people you love on a regular basis.

Regular Exercise- Partaking in regular exercise whether this be walking outdoors, lifting weights or playing sports has been scientifically proven to develop a healthy brain reducing the risk of Alzeihemers etc as we age.

Daylight- Vitamin D3 is an essential vitamin and we can only absorb this from the sun. It is absolutely essential to make sure you get outdoors in the daytime for a bare minimum of 30 minutes a day, ideally in the sun. Aim to get outside for a walk every morning to get your vitamin D hit and set you up to win the day.

Sleep- Aim for 6-8 hours of quality sleep every night, come away from electrical devices (ie your phone) at least an hour before bed.

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