April 12, 2019 1 min read


3 Reasons why you should challenge yourself and partake in my 28-day fat burning challenge

  1. Create a healthier relationship with food:The main reason most of us find it really hard to lose body fat and create a healthier balance in our lives is that we eat mindlessly and out of habit most of the time. Even if you are not aware of this, trust me most of us do not know what it’s like to be hungry, also most people overeat carbohydrates (unknowingly a lot of the time) and drastically undereat fat and the right types of fibre. My 28-day program will fuel you with the right nutrients in order for you to lose body fat and transform your eating habits.
  2. Shaping up is simple:‘Shaping up’ is a LOT more simple than you think. People always focus too much on pushing themselves with intense workouts and punishing themselves in the gym for overeating. When you move more and eat the right foods, these 2 principals alone will be a game changer for you.
  3. Sustainable Health:I am all about changing people’ lives for the better, not just for 28 days but for a lifetime. Once you have applied a little self-discipline and switched your mindset, you will be on the road to building an admirable body and sustaining it for a lifetime.


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