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The studies show that people who show gratitude daily are much better overall health/longevity and they give more as a result of this appreciation.


Appreciation over expectation


The main issue with society nowadays is too many people expect way too much out of life without actually stopping and appreciating what they have. Recently I have started showing gratitude by going over in my head at least 3 things that I am grateful for on a daily basis, this has already had a huge positive effect on my mental health and it has taught me to put things in perspective whenever I start feeling sorry for myself.


59 Seconds Out Of Your Day


I have just started reading a book called ‘59 seconds’ by Richard Wiseman, ‘think a little, change a lot’. According to studies people who write down how they are feeling in the form of affectionate writing, or just writing down a few things they are grateful for, are MUCH happier and successful. In this book he breaks down 5 different topics for each day, ie today was ‘terrific Tuesday’ and you must write down a terrific moment in your life, then reminisce how it felt. This took me under 59 seconds and I felt somewhat lifted afterwards, but you can imagine the compound effect of this is pretty much guaranteed to make you happier.


Bottom line: All we have is the here and now, so practice being present and appreciating how god damn lucky you are to be alive!



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