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3 Reasons why you should listen to podcasts in order to develop your mind and increase your ability to absorb information.


  • I first started listening to podcasts around 2 years ago and I have grown and evolved more as an individual than I have in my whole lifetime. The great thing about listening to podcasts or audiobooks is that it doesn’t require 100% of your attention which means you can just listen whilst you are on the move or driving.
  • Now if you are reading this blog then you clearly take your health pretty seriously and you most likely take pride in how you look on a physical level, I would highly recommend you check out ‘Mind pump’ Podcast because this was the first podcast I listened to and it is no 1 health/fitness podcast on the planet. These guys inspired me to start up my own podcast so obviously, you must go check out my podcast also: Optimise Your Body.
  • Whether you want to be inspired, develop your personal growth, escape or to just optimise your time, then listening to podcasts & audiobooks is a MUST for you. I would go as far as to say that listening to podcasts over the past few years has completely transformed me into a different person, what information you decide to ingest will literally determine who you become. Get involved!



Check out this podcast episode where I interview Jamie Alderton, (@GrenadeJay) We discuss everything from the power of listening to podcasts & audiobooks, to developing the mindset required to achieve your goals

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