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(women, this applies to you if you want to build muscle)



Strength training – Nothing will increase your testosterone levels more, than a good strength training program. When you lift weights, particularly heavy weights, your body has to adapt by secreting more testosterone in order to help you recover from the training session. As a result of higher testosterone levels, you will improve everything from muscle gains to libido.  

Eat more fats – Fats, particularly saturated fats and cholersterol, are responsible for hormone production including testosterone. Personally, when I increased my fat intake, and varied the types of fats I was eating, I noticed a significant change in my physique and strength. An example of saturated fats, which are high in cholesterol (the right amount of cholesterol can be good for you!) are egg yolks, butter, animal offal such as chicken liver and red meat. Be sure to include unsaturated fats also such as oily fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel, in addition to avocado, nuts, olive and coconut oils and chia seeds.

Sleep – When you sleep, your body releases growth hormone and testosterone at an extremely high rate. Be sure to focus on obtaining quality sleep by preparing yourself for sleep at least an hour before going to sleep i.e. avoiding your phone (and any other electrical activity) because this will decrease your melatonin levels (the hormone which assists in sleep) and increase your cortisone levels (the stress hormone)


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