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My top 5 tips for building that booty



Mobilize your hips prior to training in order to release any tight muscles and prepare you Central Nervous System. (CNS) This will ensure you get maximum activation on your glutes due to your body being more upright when you Squat.

Activate your bum muscles, particularly your Glute Medius which attach onto the side of your hips, use the mini bands to do this by tying around the ankles

Perform Hip thrusts with a barbell prior to squatting and this will fire your bum muscles up much more, or pelvic floor bridges focusing on squeezing your butt cheeks every rep.

Tense your butt cheeks for 5 secs as hard as possible every time you extend legs whilst squatting, lock your knees and squeeze hard, 6-10 reps.

Hit the bum muscles every day even if you do 40 body weight deep squats body weight per day this will send the muscle building signal more often meaning more butt growth.

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