July 12, 2019 2 min read

The top 2 questions I get asked in regards to people having the right fuel in the tank for a productive workout.


  1. Do I eat before training?Most of us are under the impression that we need to eat something before training in order to fuel our body, which in turn will get us maximum results right? Not necessarily, unless you are an elite athlete who will be performing extremely explosive movements and competing against other athletes, then the chances are you will be better of training on a light stomach. Remember we have tens of thousands of calories of fat stored within us in case we were to have no food. (The chances of us experiencing a food famine in this day & age is very unlikely)
  2. What Pre Workouts do you recommend?For a solid 2 years or so I took more supplements than most people will take in a lifetime such as Pre Workout drinks, protein shakes, Amino acids, you name it and I’ve taken it! (Apart from steroids haha) Previously I would rely on a double serving of pre-workout before my training session, then a couple of years back I stopped taking pre workouts and switched to good old fashioned coffee, and I felt so much better! My advice is to stay away from pre workouts because they contain way to many stimulants and artificial flavourings etc, nowadays I take a bulletproof coffee!! This is a black coffee mixed with a teaspoon of grass-fed butter and MCT oil, (MCT oil is derived from coconut) this gives me slow releasing energy without the crash afterwards!



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