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Yo-yo dieting is a term to explain the unhealthy patterns a lot of us have experienced such as partaking in diet fads such as liquid diet regimes ie slimming world, Herbalife etc which is not sustainable long term, Therefore a lot of people ‘Yo-Yo’ up and down and fail to create sustainable health.


An interesting blog below explains why mindset is so important when it comes to your goals whether weight loss or muscle gain.




We have all been guilty of this in the past going from extreme periods of restriction where we cut out our favourite foods, turn our noses up at anything processed that is not deemed as a “clean” option and doubled down on our training regimen and worked out as if life depended on it. The results at first are fantastic but the chances of us keeping this up long term are slim. 
Pretty soon we return to our old habits scoffing down burgers, polishing off our favourite desserts and guzzling down a calorific latte as a morning snack at work and often ending up in a far worse place than when we started. This my friends is the tale of the dreaded “yo-yo dieter.”
Albert Einstein is credited with the following “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results”. Why torment yourself psychologically searching for the magic diet or quick fix which doesn’t exist putting yourself through extreme periods of restriction which are only followed with periods of gorging and continually repeating this cycle every time you have an event or a vacation coming up.
Your mindset must change, switch focus and change your life for the long term get healthy and stay healthy. It is much more respectable to build a physique you can attain for life, is inspiring, allows flexibility and makes you feel better in the process.


Check out this awesome podcast where I interview a Lyndi Cohen, Lyndi (Aka @Nudenutritionist) specialises In eating disorders ie The binge eating disorder, check out this podcast interview.



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