Care Pack

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Silicone oil is needed for all treadmills. It helps to minimize wear on your treadmill belt, keeps your treadmill running smoothly as well as reducing strain on the motor. This can be purchased in the form of a spray cans or oil bottles. Instructions on how and when to apply silicone oil can be found in the treadmill manual or by viewing our instructional video.
How To Lubricate Treadmills Running Belt

i. Treadmill Lubricant is designed only for lubricating Lifespan treadmills 
ii. 12 month supply includes 6 x 20ml bottles to last 12 months from 30 minuter per day usage 
iii. Bottle designs may vary depending on stock availability 
iv. The Treadmill Care Pack promotion only applicable for products purchased from our websites and only. 

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