MORGAN OXIDE HEX/TRAP BAR - 56" - 450kg Capacity



The Morgan commercial-grade hex bar is designed and tested for high-level commercial use. Featuring diamond knurled raised handles, the Hex bar allows for easier pick up from the ground and reduces the strain on your hands and back while performing traditional deadlifts and squats. Our Commercial Hex bar is made from high-quality steel. Our bar combines the handle placement of the high hex bar and the regular hex bar. Each handle has a non-slip knurled grip for ultimate comfort while lifting. Our hex bar weighs 20kg but with 25cm sleeves, athletes can add plenty of additional weight to up their workout and increase intensity.

Use the Morgan Hex bar to also assist in reducing strain on your lower back. Our bar was designed to keep the weight evenly distributed through the body’s midline. This is the perfect compact Hex bar that is ideal for studio, commercial gym and home use. Use the upper handles to perform shrugs for trap development, farmers walk, or when you're going for that extra heavy lift. The raised handles basically reduce your range of motion during the lift. For a fuller range of motion and to target the legs more directly you can then switch to the lower handles.


  • Made from a high grip, long-lasting Oxide coated finish
  • 1.41m in length (56")
  • 20kg in weight
  • 450kg maximum capacity loading
  • Diamond knurling grip (25mm diameter)
  • 25cm loadable sleeves

Customer Reviews

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Trap bar

Awesome trap bar and great communication from the seller! Only fault with bar is minor, if the bars on either end were longer it would be ideal, as the local gym here (Tennant Creek NT) do not have small sized 25kg plates, so limits the amount of plates I am able to chuck on.. GREAT BAR THOUGH!! :)

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