Cortex 1kg - 10kg Hex Dumbbell Set


Open up huge possibilities in your workout space with the Cortex 1-10kg Hex Dumbbell Set. Progress your training gradually with 10 weight pairs increasing at 1kg increments. Find the right weights to target and isolate muscle groups, or add dumbbells to your body weight workout to increase resistance and challenge. These dumbbells are safe for home or gym use with hexagonal rubber coated heads to reduce rolling and damage to floors and walls.

- Rubber coated for handling and safety
- Contoured Handle with Commercial Grade Knurling
- Tough, durable and safe
- Thick rubber coating protects equipment and flooring when accidentally dropped.

Package Includes
- 2x 1kg Hex Dumbbells
- 2x 2kg Hex Dumbbells
- 2x 3kg Hex Dumbbells
- 2x 4kg Hex Dumbbells
- 2x 5kg Hex Dumbbells
- 2x 6kg Hex Dumbbells
- 2x 7kg Hex Dumbbells
- 2x 8kg Hex Dumbbells
- 2x 9kg Hex Dumbbells
- 2x 10kg Hex Dumbbells
- 1x 10-Pair Hex Dumbbell Rack

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