Cortex GS10 Gym Multistation AVAILABLE 11/10/2021

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Everything you could possibly need to power through an intense full body workout; The Cortex GS10 Multi-Functional Smith and Cable Machine gives you access to 100+ compound and isolated exercises.

Improved stability and balance, the smith machine offers ultimate safety at home without a spotter. For greater freedom, the integrated half-rack offers full range of compound workouts with J-Hooks supporting 350kg and safety spot bars supporting 500kg.

For amazing isolated exercises, the cable machine can support 200kg per handle and is fully height adjustable. Stack weights on the Olympic sized horns to increase resistance.

Add bodyweight exercises with the multi-grip chin-up bar. Target an even greater range of back and arm muscles with a huge range of hand grips.

All the strength of a gym quality station with a tubular steel frame, powder coating, and chrome finish this all-in-one gym station will revolutionise any home gym. Store your weights neatly with 8 Olympic weight plate horns, two Olympic barbell slots, and hooks for your cable attachments.

The GS10 is everything you need in your gym in one station.

- Adjustable Cable Pulley Machine: 30/50mm Weight Plate Intake
- Smith Machine/Guided Olympic Barbell Bar: 50mm Weight Plate Intake
- Two Adjustable Safety Spotters and Two J-Hooks with Rubberised Bearing Surface
- Multi-Grip Double Chin-Up Bar
- 22 Height Positions of Safety Spotter, J-Hooks, and Cables
- 26 Height Positions for Barbell Bar Guide
- 8 Olympic (50mm) Weight Plate Storage Horns
- Two Barbell Storage Slots
- Possibility for Optional Ground Anchoring
- Powder Coated and Chrome Finished Tubular Steel Frame
- 200kg Max Cable Load Weight Per Handle
- 500kg Max Weight Safety Spotter
- 350kg Max Weight J-Hooks
- 150kg Max Weight for Weight Storage Horn
- 200kg Max User Weight for Pull-Up Bar

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