PR3 POWER RACK New Updated version increasing stability


Make your home gym complete with the ultimate versatility of the Cortex PR-3 full power rack.

Constructed using strong powder coated steel, the PR-3 is durable and built to withstand the toughest workouts.

There's a tremendous versatility in the PR-3 with barbell exercises and a range of attachment options. Precision hole spacing gives you ultimate control and finetuning over the height of your adjustable J-Hooks (180kg max weight) and safety spot bars (200kg max weight). The lower portion of the frame has 26mm spacing between holes for ultimate height specificity, and the upper portion features 50mm hole spacing for squats and overhead press.

Interchangeable regular and fat grip chin-up bars let you add yet another compound exercise to your routine. A dip attachment gives you greater versatility for blasting your chest. The dip attachment and chin-up bars support a 150kg max user weight.

The PR3 can support both standard (6ft) and Olympic (7ft) sized barbells. Adjustable resistance band pegs can be used for greater variety or attached to barbells to increase exercise difficulty.





Versatile Full Rack

Our PR-3 Full Rack offers incredible versatility with barbell exercises and a range of attachment options. Constructed using a strong powder coated steel, the PR-3 is durable and built to withstand the toughest workouts.

  • 180kg Max Weight for Adjustable Barbell Hooks
  • 200kg Max Weight for Adjustable Safety Spot Bars
  • 150kg Max User Weight for Chin-Up Bar
  • 150kg Max User Weight for Dip Attachment
  • 1. Fat Grip Chin-Up Bar
  • 2. Adjustable Barbell Hook
  • 3. Dip Attachment
  • 4. Adjustable Safety Spot Bar
  • 5. Resistance Band Pegs

Olympic Compatible

With a width of 121cm, the PR-3 is compatible with 7ft Olympic Barbells.

*Compatible with the CORTEX 7ft Olympic Barbell

Precision Barbell Hole Spacing

We know everyone's built differently. That’s why the PR3 comes with our Precision Hole spacing configuration. The lower portion for bench-press has 1 inch (26mm) spacing for maximum customisation. The upper portion features 2 inch (50mm) spacing for adjustments on Squats or Overhead presses.

*Please note spacing is measured between bottom and top of holes

Product Dimensions

  • Plenty of space for a flat or adjustable incline bench
  • 2.3m tall to suit most home gym ceiling heights
  • Surprisingly compact for a full rack, so you can experience stable workouts even in smaller spaces.

Interchangeable Chin-Up Bars

During setup, choose between the thin and thick interchangeable Chin-Up Bars for ultimate personalisation. After installation you can continue to swap these bars or raise and lower height.


Adjustable Dip Attachment

Add some variety to your workout with some dips to target your chest and triceps using the Adjustable Dip Attachment.


Resistance Band Pegs

Increase the difficulty of your workouts by attaching resistance bands to your barbell, or just find additional variety by using resistance band pegs to target different muscle groups.



  • Built for Barbell Squats, Bench Press
  • Compatible with most flat or adjustable exercise benches
  • Allows J-Hooks on outside or inside of rack
  • Allows body weight exercises like dips and chin ups
  • Barbell Storage Slot (Olympic 50mm only)
  • Compatible with Standard 6ft and Olympic 7ft Barbells
  • Compatible with resistance bands via band pegs


Occupancy Size 173.5cm x 173.2cm x 228cm (L x W x H)
Packaging Size Carton 1: 233cm x 34cm x 15cm (L x W x H) - 30.8kg
Carton 2: 70cm x 60cm x 19cm (L x W x H) - 7.6kg
Carton 3: 129cm x 37cm x 18cm (L x W x H) - 29.5kg
Gross Weight 67.9kg


  • 2x Adjustable Barbell J Hooks (150kg load)
  • 2x Adjustable Safety Spot Bars (180kg load), Lowest height set up: 618mm
  • Pull up / Chin Up Bar Handles (150kg max load)
  • Allows body weight exercises like dips and chin ups
  • Additional Fat Grip Chin-up Bar - Dip Attachment Included
  • Resistance Band Pegs
  • Thick Steel 50mm x 50mm Construction
  • Lowest J-Hook/Safety Spot Mounting point: 618mm


This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties:

· 12 Months Parts replacement warranty
*Please read our Warranty Terms & Conditions

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