• High grip Tatami finish
  • Universal locking pattern - great for creating patterns
  • 1-meter square
  • 4pcs edging included
  • Mats can be washed with detergents
  • 100% EVA 40-45 degree (shore A) hardness (this is the recommended shore grading for karate and Taekwondo mats, any higher in value and the mats become too dense and lose their effectiveness and overall safety for users especially when practicing jump kicks and other movements with excess stress on leg joints)  
  • Made in TAIWAN under strict quality control  
  • Available in dual/reversible colour
  • Deep Jigsaw pattern to eliminate mats pulling apart when in use
  • 3 & 4cm mats are approved by NSW tactical police training centers and have been used for ADF training facility fit-outs.
Note regarding the expansion of mats by Phil Chapman from Sensie's Martial Arts Supplies, Sydney:
"I have been selling Morgan 2, 3 & 4cm mats for 12+ years and found them to be the best tatami jigsaw mats available in Australia, a problem that sometimes may occur for 2cm mats is that people do not leave enough room for expansion, mats expand during the day and contract at night, this is typical of either very hot tropical areas or very cold areas, if you have 20 in a line you may get an expansion between 20 to 30 mm. To avoid this problem always consider going up to 3cm or 4cm mats"

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