MORGAN MMA WALL PADS - 100% Australian made

MORGAN MMA WALL PADS - 100% Australian made 

This padding is ideal for MMA, Judo and use in any full time center that is concerned with the safety of their students and practitioners.
  • The panels are 100%  Australian made, using 12mm structural plywood backing
  • High density Australian made 4cm sponge/foam on the front surface
  • Covered in an Australian made 1200d 2-way rip proof vinyl surface
  • Measurements are as follows: 1.9m x 60cm x 5.2cm
  • Padded surface = 1.8m x 60cm x 4cm

The panels can be easily installed by either:

A.    Directly to the wall using Dynabolts. (Dynabolts not supplied).

B.   Locking the panels in by using aluminium channels for a professional finish.  (The panels taper on the ends to easily fit into the aluminium channels).  Channels are not included.

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