3 IN 1 Cross Functional fitness High Density Foam Box V2


    The Morgan 3 heights in 1 safety foam plyometric box have been engineered specifically with safety and usability as our primary goal. Our Plyo box is a multi-layered plyometric box to be used in workouts involving jumping, bounding, stepping, splitting and anything else you can think of.  By using this as a stable platform for a single or double leg and arm cardio movements, the simple Plyo box can easily transform a bodyweight workout into a serious sweat session.  Unlike other versions of wooden, metal and foam boxes, the plyo box has an internal dense 90-degree hardness EVA weighing approx. 22kg  covered with a heavy-duty, durable vinyl to stop the all too common nasty shin scrapes that can occur as athlete fatigue or loses concentration for a split second.  It's also a great way to build confidence in new athletes who are learning box jumps, with clear cm markings on all sides of the plyometric box, it helps coaches accurately measure how high their clients are jumping and provides end-users a great way to see what progress is being made.

        •    Three heights from one piece of equipment – 51cm (20in), 61cm (24in), 76cm (29in). Official dimensions used at the CrossFit games
        •    Plyo-block is made from a high-density 22kg EVA
        •    Covered with durable, non-skid vinyl
        •    Absorbs the impact of landing and eases the shock on your ankles, knees and hips
        •    Perfect for saving space and introducing beginners to plyometric at your facility

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