Quantum 2 Inversion Table

Our Quantum Inversion Table has an ultra heavy duty 1.5mm Gauge Steel frame. Designed to provide ultimate stability and safety for use in almost any environment.

With a quick bar adjustment system, you can adjust to partial inversion with preset levels and up to a full 180 degrees for full inversion.

Frame: Heavy Duty 1.5mm Gauge Steel
Max Usr Weight: 275lbs (125kg)

Allows an inversion range of 180 Degrees
Manual Inversion Mechanism built for user controlled rotation
Adjustable user height range from 4ft.10in to 6ft. 6in (147cm to 200cm)
Adjustable Lumbar Support

Additional Features
Reduces fatigue, stress and relax your body
Helps reduce back stress by relieving pressure on vertebrae discs and ligaments
Increases body flexibility to improve athletic performance
Helps fight compression fatigue, reduce the effect of aging due to gravity

Extra long bench for head support area
PU padded backing for added comfort
Comfortable foam ankle supports, foam padded grip

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