Olympic Tribar Weight Set - 40kg

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Hammer out Tricep and Bicep workouts with our 40kg Olympic Tricep Bar Set.

All Olympic Tri-Grip Plates come with inner steel rings with a diameter of 50.4mm to fit Olympic Barbells and bars.

Olympic Tri-Grip Plates are encased with in heavy duty rubber and come with inner steel rings.

Designed for Gym, Commercial use or Home use
Weight Set (Plates):
Weight - Quantity - Total
5kg Tri-Grip Plate (Black) - 4 - 20kg
2.5kg Tri-Grip Plate (Black) - 4 - 10kg
Bars: 1 x Olympic Tricep Bar

Warranty Information
This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties:
12 Months Parts replacement warranty

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