6X 6KG Slamball

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Get your whole body involved in an explosive workout with the Cortex Slam Ball X. With a thick tyre tread grip providing traction, you’re always in control of your workout, and your Slam Ball will hold up to rough use. Activate more muscle groups with a Slam Ball X workout.

Feel the burn through your whole body with the Cortex Slam Ball X. Built as an alternative to medicine balls able to withstand strong pounding through a tough workout, Slam Ball exercises are high intensity full body workouts.

The tyre tread grip of the Slam Ball X offers greater traction for easy gripping and reduced free rolling. The result: guaranteed safe use in rough and intense workouts. The thicker rubber grip also prolongs the life of the Slam Ball X, making it less susceptible to wear and tear.
Adapting the medicine ball for specialised use in a range of exercises, the slam ball is designed to take a knock during any workouts. The slam is an exercise that involves lifting the slam ball overhead and slamming it into the ground. Be sure to research proper technique to get the most out of the exercise. Get your whole body involved, activating your shoulders, triceps, quads, calves, glutes, back, and abs.

Stay in control of one of the most explosive exercises with the Cortex Slam Ball X.

Weight: 6kg

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